Camera as a new fashion accessory?


Whenever I have some spare time, I make myself a cup of coffee or tea and indulge in the practice of reading threads on new photography equipment. I find it very relaxing just to be exploring newest technologies. It’s like modern version of those famous breakfast scenes from Hollywood movies.  Family gathered around the table, someone reads sports article, the other person daily news and kids are occupied with newspaper cartoons.  They all have toasts with butter and jelly and drink an orange juice. Simply wonderfull!

What really strikes me about those threads are products in all the colors of the rainbow and people’s comments about rather simple, not so cool looking models. Quite often some poster would say “ugly… wouldn’t buy it!!!”

So I ask myself when did the camera become a fashion accessory?



It’s not just cameras and their sophisticated designs and colors, but also other equipment which seems to be designed just to “pimp” the camera itself, and make it look cool. Genuine or synthetic leather, rubber protection covers for the cameras owned by new-age Robinson Crusoes, stickers of all kinds, for all tastes.

On the other hand there are also…hmmm, how shall I call them…hipsters maybe? Yes, you can find them here in Belgrade as well. But I mean a very  particular kind: he/ she stands at the intersection, looking cool, leaning against something, wearing sunglasses at this time of the year and of course a camera. The leather belt is worn out as much as their jeans. The camera looks like one of those ancient analogues, with faded paint on the corners.

Am I the only one who has noticed this new trend?

  1. […] purpose it to let the world know that you are interested in photography. Like for example these colourful skins by PimpYourCamera, LensMug coffee mugs and the toilet paper holder called Polaroll. Unfortunately most of these […]


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