Ebay oddity: 1000+ cams for $40.000


A longtime collector of old analogue cameras from California has sold his collection of more than 1000 cameras for $34.999, which was the minimum bid. The “Buy it Now” price was $49.999.



It is pretty hard to recognize any specific models on the low-resolution pictures, but it seems that you can find some expensive large-format cameras among the treasures. Furthermore there are many waist level finders, Polaroid land cameras as well as a dizzying number of FF cameras and lenses. It is amazing how much he has collected within those fifty years. The seller himself doesn’t give any exact numbers, only a rough estimate “definitely more than 1,000; maybe more, never count it”.

Objectively, $35 for a cam seems to be an absolute bargain price, but what would one actually do with all those cameras? Sell them? That might take a year or two if you don’t have a shop of your own. Some vintage-cam-store might buy them and make a lot of money out of it.

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