New National Geographic Blog


Similar to the New York Times‘ „The Lively Morgue“, the National Geographic Society now runs a blog featuring lesser known but nevertheless incredible pictures from its own archives. The “NatGeo Found” blog has been launched last week on occasion of the 125th anniversary of National Geographic and is slowly but surely gaining about 3 to 4 photographs on a daily basis.

NGS Picture ID:618426

© Kenneth Macleish, National Georaphic

Scanned by: Retouched by: DT-PK QC'd by: DT-RJ

© Luis Marden, National Georaphic

NGS Picture ID:1052088

© James L. Stanfield, National Georaphic

Despite the sparse amount of pictures, the direction is clear. Some of the photos are doubtlessly grainy and pale due to old technology and storage, but this does not negate the fact that the motifs are interesting. Where else can you watch an animal trainer carrying a lion on his back? Or a bizarrely hilarious auction of a cow in the Highlands? I added the blog to my bookmarks and will drop by from time to time to get inspired. So far, the pictures remind me of street photography by various Magnum-photographers and indeed whet one’s appetite. 🙂

  1. Yes, the photography of each inspired photographer is wonderful, thank you!!!!


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