Planking 2.0: Hadoukening und Vadering


What I love about the internet is the way it connects people in a way that allows collective brainstorming for practically any crackpot idea of one individual which then results in a merry mass phenomenon. Just as with children at play, it begins with innocent monkey business that evolves into something constructive over the course of time. But behind every internet-meme lies a grown-up. To some extent, the internet arouses our play instinct which sometimes leads to phenomena such as planking, hadoukening and vadering.




Googling and reading about these trends, I stumbled across surprisingly many negative comments: “yawn”, “not again”, “rubbish”…why are there so many bad sports out there? Not everything has to be dead serious and reasonable. Thinking about it, innocent fun is exactly what any of us grown-ups desperately need nowadays. When I come home from work exhausted, I don’t want to see another report on the next national bankruptcy or the next crisis. I rather feel like planking or vadering. Except when I’m hungry, then I’ll look into my fridge and shoot some 241543903 photos 😉

To cut a long story short: photography is a hobby for most of us, and hobbies are supposed to fun. 🙂

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  2. […] happened to those creative people who invented planking, hadoukening and vadering and cat beard and baby mugging? Are they, too, taking only “selfies” and “shelfies” […]


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