RRP and availability of the Sigma USB dock and first review/sample pictures for the 30mm f1.4 art


The hotly debated USB-Dock by Sigma, said to render all new lenses programmable, will be available in stores at the end of April. Different from what others feared, the dock will be sold over the counter for a reasonable €49. The only thing missing now is appropriate art/contemporary/sports lenses by Sigma and the tuning and pimping can begin 😉



Currently programmable are the 35mm f1.4, the 17-70mm f2.8-4 and the new, not yet comprehensively available 30mm f1.4 of the art-series. Soon, the revised 120-300mm 2.8 DG HSM OS will fall into line. There is already a review for the 30mm f1.4 as well as sample pictures taken with a Canon 50D and 600D. By the look of the pictures, the new Sigma standard focal length might become the more affordable alternative to the 35 one that APS-C users have been longing for. Those of you who are on tenterhooks right now and no longer can control their information hunger, I recommend reading the threads on the DSLR and Photo-on-the-net forums. On the latter forum, one user posted the lens and first pictures, on the former, it won’t take too long before someone gets a hold of the lens ;) .

  1. […] under the sun (more on the DP2m can be found here and here). Sigma’s new 35mm f1.4 Art and 30mm f1.4 Art seem to be sharper, too, judging by the sample images. Depending on whether one puts the focus on […]


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