Andy Prokh: the cat and the girl


Ingenious photography can be complex at times. One would have to travel to the end of the world in order to capture unspoilt places or rare, gorgeous animals, or alternatively rent expensive cars and properties and hire even more expensive models, sometimes even calling in every favour just to be part of exclusive events. And sometimes, you don’t have to do anything but watch your own daughter and her cat playing, every now and again releasing the shutter. With his bizarrely funny and heart-warming shots, Russian photographer Andy Prokh illustrates how simple and carefree good photography can be.


© Andy Prokh


© Andy Prokh

On a closer look, a wall can be spotted just behind the actors, or sometimes a couple of stools, sometimes books or a canvas, nothing that one wouldn’t be able to organize within two minutes. But the interaction between the two, and the almost human cunning and casual attitude of the cat, is what makes the pictures so interesting and hard to re-enact. One of the oldest questions of mankind is “are we alone in the universe?”. After having seen these pictures, I am certain we are not. Intelligent, non-human life is already in our midst ;)


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