Comparison: Sigma DP2 Merrill vs Sigma SD1 & 30mm f1.4 Part 2


In the previous comparison, I promised to shoot and hand in further photos with the Sigma SD1 and the DP2 Merrill using a tripod. I tried to adapt the image sections as well as in any way possible but it turned out to be trickier than I thought, especially because the 30mm of the DP2m is slightly more wide-angled.


I am not sure whether it is the aperture 8, but the two lenses have a comparably high resolution in the middle of the picture. The upper one was shot with the SD1 and the 30mm f1.4 EX, the lower one with the DP2 Merrill. I maintained the same order with the 100% crops.

UnbenanntUnbenannt100% Ausschnitt / Crop100% Ausschnitt / Crop

Looking at the corners, however, the DP2m’s 30mm f2.8 is clearly superior to the 30mm f1.4 EX. And that is despite the fact that I stopped down to f8.

UnbenanntUnbenannt100% Ausschnitt / Crop100% Ausschnitt / Crop

For some strange reason, Flickr refuses to link to the correct size. Simply click on the two crops to view them in full size on Flickr.

One discipline where the 30mm f1.4 is ahead by a nose is bokeh and rendition when shooting wide open. In the following, each first picture was shot with 30/1.4 at f1.4, each second picture was shot using the same lens at f2.8, and the last one with the DP2m at f2.8.



You can find additional DP2m photos on my Pinterest and Flickr accounts. Same goes for the SD1: Pinterest and Flickr. 🙂

  1. Thank you very much for this review, but have you not changed the order ? – it is a bit confusing, because you do not write above or under, what is what, and as I see it, you do not keep the same order – SD above and then DP under, and in the crops, but I am VERY interested, because I have bought the 3 DP Merrills and I am thinking about the SD1 too.

    Could you be so kind to write above or under what is what



    1. Hi Kyndel,

      it’s the same order. 1st Bicycle and building shots and the crop are SD1M, 2nd are DP2M. In the second (bokeh) part first two images are SD1M/30/1.4EX at f/1.4 and f/2.8, while the third image is DP2M at f/2.8. Click on the images to view them on flickr. There you can see the exifs. Just click on the 3 horizontal lines and then on the “show exif info” or something like that (my flickr is in German).



  2. […] already compared the DP2M to the 30mm f/1.4 EX (Part 1,Part 2) and discovered that DP’s lens is much sharper. I’ve also compared the two 30mm lenses, the EX […]


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  4. The 30 mm 1.4 is not the best lens in the corners , perhaps to bed fair you should do it with the 35mm 1.4. But anyway I have more pleasure when shooting with the SD1 Merrill because the Dp1-2-3 Merrill do not have viewfinder and the lcd green has so bad colour rendition that I prefer not to have the live view …. ugly , very ugly lac screen. Looking at the final result all the Merrill are really super tools …


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