The invisible Liu Bolin


I once was lucky enough to visit one of his photo exhibitions. On large-formatted canvas, Liu Bolin, also known as the invisible Chinese, was even harder to make out than had already been the case with his tiny internet-pictures. He literally merges with carefully selected sceneries, be it Chinese propaganda posters, supermarket shelves, rivers or distinctive cities such as Venice or Milan.


© Liu BolinLiu_Bolin_Hiding_in_New_York_No.6_Intrepid_photograph_2012-2bcc8912aa5fe818Liu_Bolin_Hiding_in_New_York_No.7_Made_In_China_photograph_2012-212871c9916f84db© Liu Bolin

The first of his photos was taken in 2005, when he was photographed, appropriately painted, in front of the torn down walls of his former studio. Shortly before that, he defenselessly had to watch policemen level the artistic village he lived and worked in to the ground for economic reasons. Ever since, he travelled around the globe with his assistants. Meanwhile, he is ranked among the most significant international artists. Up until July 21st, his newest photographs will be displayed in the new art building MIK in Ludwigsburg (german). And no one living in that area should miss out on that opportunity 🙂

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