DP2m at closest focusing distance


Over the past couple of days, I played around a bit with the DP2m close-up-range in order to find out what I can get out of a camera in this respect. I predominantly used aperture f2.8 and manual focus at it. Rather than turning around the lens ring, I left the focus at 28cm (DP2m’s closest focusing distance) and moved the camera forward and backward until the picture was sharp. A little unorthodox, but it was plenty of fun 😉


In order to keep the rejection rate low, I should have used a tripod. Should have, could have, if….of course, I didn’t do it. Who likes to drag around a tripod in wonderful weather like this? 😉


The following photo mirrors my opinion on the results.


After this little experiment, I wonder what could be done with the DP3m and its 50mm macro. Hmmmm: 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it. You can find more DP2m shots on Pinterest or in my Flickr Set.

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