Despite the rain I dared to venture out with the DP3m


Our dear sun took some time off, but the urge to go outside for a photo bout with my new toy was too strong. 🙂 As expected, no photogenic motives whatsoever came my way in such weather. Never mind, it was still fun. 🙂


You can view additional DP3m photos on my Pinterest account or Flickr set.

  1. My images with the DP3M are never so sharp :((( Do you do some post processing please?


    1. I only adjust WB, contrast and saturation a bit. One thing that helps with the sharpness is to lean onto something and to shoot in burst mode. When I’m not sure, I take 3-5 images and chose the sharpest one. When shooting flowers and insects it is helpful to sit on the ground and rest your elbows on your knees. Opening the aperture and ensuring that shutter speed is fast/short enough also helps.



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