DP3 Merrill: I had to strike again! :-)


Waiting for the cash-back bank transfer, I am holding the DP3M in my hands and cheerfully taking photos. Only the weather, which currently goes haywire, spoils the party. After the hot spell of past weeks, it’s raining cats and dogs at the moment. This is why I could only take some sample pictures inside my own four walls. For the same reason, some of the shots came into being at ISO800 and 1600. This may certainly be intriguing for those of you wondering how the foveon handles high sensitivities like that 🙂


As can be seen from the pictures, the DP2M and the DP3M have the same housing. The only difference is the obstructed lens, which comes in considerably larger (50mm f2.8 macro) for the DP3M.


Under the hood, too, everything seems to have remained the same. The 15 MP foveon sensor that had its debut with the SD1, the buffer which offers plenty of space for 7 RAWs (50MB) and the auto-focus electronics which work similarly fast with both Merrills in the medium and long range. The DP3M is only slightly slower in the macro range, but that is already known from other macro lenses and is due to the required precision.




You can view additional DP3m photos on my Pinterest account or Flickr set.

  1. Hi Lars!
    So fantastic shots with DP3M! I am thinking to purchase DP3M to complement my Ricoh GR which has a 28mm equivalent lens. I have had DP2M earlier (sold it because i needed money for Nikon D600 which I didn’t like at all!). One thing which still bothers me with these Foveon masterpieces is the processing of their RAW files. I got quite poor results with SPP. Could you kindly give me some info about your processing procedure? I would be very happy to hear your ideas about this.

    Best wishes from Finland!



    1. Hi Jonne!
      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. It’s much appreciated! 🙂

      I use Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 which is still the only RAW developer for Windows, which can handle RAWs of the 15MP Foveon in the Merrill cameras.

      One thing that I’ve discovered with the Foveon is that you should not leave WB on Auto, but instead choose WB or take a reading off of a grey card. It seems to me, that initial WB has an effect on how colors are interpreted in the RAW developer. Even if you change WB while developing the shots on your PC/Mac colors will stay funny if camera chose wrong WB initially. As if the sensitivity of the different color layers of the sensor is somehow manipulated by WB. Therefore I urge you to set WB manually while shooting or take a reading off of a grey card in the light you are shooting. One more thing is that the 15MP foveon has rather strong response to green color. This however can be corrected rather easily in PP (Lightroom for example), by reducing the saturation of green a bit and shifting green to yellow.

      Hope that was helpful. 🙂



      1. Thanks a lot, Lars! Very valid advice. Have to take these thing into account if I am going to buy the DP3M.

        Happy shooting!


      2. You are welcome Jonne! 🙂

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  5. I have to decide between DP1 and DP2. According to reviews DP1 and DP2 has same sensor and the different is the lens. 19mm vs 30mm (lets forget those 35mm equivalent things). I shoot mostly wild life photography and little landscape photography with Nikon D7000 +Sigma 150-500mm and tamron 17-50mm lens for landscape and other shoots. . I was looking for wide angle version of DP1. When I see DP1’s reviews, I couldn’t be satisfied with its output. Most reviewer said it is due to it’s lens not because of sensor. If lens is not performing good for landscape photography then my aim of covering landscape photography by Sigma merril DP1 is in vain. However I want one of these camera DP1 or DP2. Please guide me


    1. First of all, how much are you looking to spend? I’m asking, because it is not clear to me whether you would like a cheaper, older camera (the non-Merrill DPs) or a newer, better (=Merrill).
      The DP1 models have a WA lens, which is what you want. The WA lenses however cannot perform as well, as the standard primes on the DP2 models. It’s physics. There are no WA lenses which can perform just as good, as a similarly expensive standard prime. I don’t have the DP1M, but I do have the DP2M and DP3M (standard and portrait telephoto), and they are both excellent in terms of sharpness and IQ in general. I upload most of my shots in full resolution on flickr, so go check them out.


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