VideoTipp: 360 Time-Lapse of the Milky Way and FAQ for Mars Curiosity Rovers Cameras


Just as last Sunday, I surfed the web and came across two very intriguing videos. The first one is a thrilling 360-degree time-lapse video by a well-known name in the astro-photography scene, Stéphane Guisard. It depicts the Milky Way as it floats across the sky.

 The second one is a FAQ-session for the photo-system (system, because the Rover has a total of 17 cameras at its disposal) of the Mars Curiosity Rovers. NASA engineer, Justin Maki, answers all kinds of technical questions concerning the cameras and how the pictures are being taken. The Rover is even able to record videos, but unfortunately the bandwidth  is too little to shoot them continuously. Instead, researchers take high-resolution photos, as they are of higher scientific use. I think that’s a pity.

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