Tip: Jon Uriarte’s The Men Under the Influence


When Jon Uriarte photographically investigated relationships and gender roles for the first time, he did so by taking photos of couples inside their houses and flats. It soon dawned on him that the photos he took couldn’t appropriately portray what he wanted to get across. He wanted to portray the confusion and desperation of men in a world where the differences between sexes have virtually vanished in all areas of life.


© Jon Uriarte


© Jon Uriarte

The fair sex may be amused by this, but the identity crisis modern man suffers from nowadays is no symptom of hypochondria. I often feel stumped for an answer when asked what exactly makes a man these days, or what is expected of him from women as well as from other men. When I think about this topic, I often recall an evening when my offer of paying the bill at a restaurant was considered as an affront. The world can indeed be crazy. I, for one, don’t know whether I’ve gotten any cleverer in this respect by viewing Uriarte’s pictures. The only thing I do feel certain about is the fact that women look good in both skirts and trousers, but men in skirts, on the other hand, at best look funny, and pathetic at worst. 🙂

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