Website recommendation: Project Apollo Archive


As a hobby-photographer, you’ll often find interesting things to read or see on the internet, but hardly ever anything that leaves you flabbergasted. I was lucky enough to experience that only just today, when I came across the Project Apollo Archive page. It may be simple and tedious to navigate (tiny thumbnails, no gallery or slide-show feature…), but you’ll find photos taken during the course of all Apollo-missions and much more!


apollo7_2apollo9_1apollo11_1As these photos were taken by NASA astronauts in fulfillment of their duties, they are not under copyright and thus royalty-free. Even if you’re not planning on downloading the pictures or fiddling about in Photoshop, you should in any case bring plenty of time with you, because over 1000 pictures were taken during the Apollo-11-mission alone. 😉




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