People in Urban Cage made of Light and Shadow: Rupert Vandervell’s “Man on Earth”


Street Photography is one of the trickiest genres in photography. Anyone who ever tried educing something interesting from banal everyday life knows that. It is especially challenging, though, if you don’t settle with mediocrity. Outstanding light, interesting image structure, perfect timing, all of that requires plenty of patience, skills and experience. One person famous for all of this is London-based street photographer Rupert Vandervell.


© Rupert Vandervell

By means of his project „Man on Earth“, he demonstrates the possibilities that good light and carefully selected settings can offer. The absence of colour intensifies the impact of the light and shadow play where the elaborate geometry of his pictures comes out.


© Rupert Vandervell

Those of you that cannot get enough of such impressive photos, I warmly recommend the slightly less urban „Minutes to Midnight“ by Trent Parke, „Metaphysics of an Urban Landscape“ by Gabriele Croppi and the street photography of US-American photographer Ray K. Metzker. 🙂

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