Sandwich + Scanner Scanwich


Food photography has ever since been one of those photographic genres that absolutely require high-tech equipment. This may sound odd at first, but makes sense, considering the size of the billboards displaying our food every day. It should come as no surprise, then, that even in times of digital megapixel monsters, outrageously expensive medium format cameras with digi-backs are called into action in order to capture every single detail of a Big Mac. What I find especially exciting is the way creative people think out of the box and find new solutions to old problems. Graphic designer Jon Chonko entirely refrains from using his camera and instead uses a flat bed scanner for scanning sandwiches. These so-called „Scanwiches“ look like this:


© Jon Chonko


© Jon Chonko

Sinfully delicious, right? J

More on Chonko’s project can be found in the following YouTube Video.

I’ll go get myself a sandwich now. 😉

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