Tip: Jessica Trinh’s Dog Photography


Jessica Trinh is one of those photographers who show great talent and achieve fame at a young age. At only 13 she began taking photographs that would make many an „old hand“ envious. Five years later, her photo stream is full of wonderful, heart-warming dog photos. Her go-to motifs are her two four-legged companions, the Golden Retriever Chuppy and the Australian Shepherd Daisy. 🙂


© Jessica Trinh

Happy 7th Birthday, Chupman!in the midst of a stormThe Explosion of Colors  42/52

© Jessica Trinh

What I find amazing, is how Jessica always seems to find new ways to capture the dogs, so that as a viewer one never gets bored with the subject-matter. I wish I’ve been this talented as a teenager. 🙂

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