Brain Twister: Joseph Ford’s Aerial


I’m curious by nature, I love puzzles. I like optical illusions and photos which play tricks on my sense of vision and my brain above all. Two and a half months ago I wrote about an image by Bela Borsodi, which was so tricky that one could hardly tell whether it was a photomontage or a single photo. This post is all about surreal compositions made of aerial and fashion photographs, which were so cleverly knit together, that while viewing them your mind will constantly be playing tricks on you. I’m talking about Joseph Ford‘s photo project „Aerial“, of course. 😉

© Joseph Ford


© Joseph Ford

As someone who is not a huge fan of fashion photography, to put it mildly, I am always sceptical when clothing and accessories are concerned. “Aerial”, however, was done in such a clever and creative way, that I find myself forced to revise my attitude towards this specific photography genre. Before seeing Ford’s photos, I never would have thought that clothes could be used as a photo motif in such an interesting way. Kudos to you, Mr Ford! 🙂

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