Tip: Greg Anderson’s Portraits from the National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013


Sometimes I think that portraiture is stale and boring, and that there is nothing new to be expected out of this particular photography genre. But then I stumble upon a photographer, who’s work reminds me of just how interesting portraiture can be. Because there is more than enough people, and every single one of them is different and a “strange bird” in his own way, it is not the motifs, but rather the photographer’s creativity, that represents the limiting factor. To be honest, in my view too many portrait photographers place a special focus on fashion and beauty and run things by the book, so that by now I filter out mundane portraiture automatically. And as we all know, what you do not apperceive, you cannot enjoy.


© Greg Anderson

For this reason I’m delighted, every time I find portraits, which surprise me and evoke an unexpected emotional response. Those that downright force me to view them. And this is exactly the case with Greg Anderson’s photos from the „National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013“. They are quirky, funny and refreshing. I could view them all day long. 🙂


© Greg Anderson

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