‘Sigma Factory Tour’ Report on imaging-resource.com


Regardless of whether you own or are interested in Sigma lenses or whether you are a hardcore fan of Canon/Nikon/Pentax/Sony and invariably purchase lenses of the camera manufacturer – any photo technology devotee is obliged to peruse the imaging-resource.com report on Sigma’s factory tour. Dave Etchells, author of the article, depicts the lens production right down to the last detail, starting with design and production of diverse casting moulds, over the production of diverse individual parts made of glass, aluminum, steel and plastic right through to final assembly and quality management. I don’t know of any other article dwelling on so many different working steps during the production of a lens, without asking too much of laymen such as myself. 🙂


© Dave Etchells

As a plus, Etchells tells the funny story behind the decision of building the factory in the remote Aizu. As you can probably imagine, there must have been quite a lot of Sake at play the night before promises were unforgivingly claimed when everyone was in a sober condition again.

Now that I know the effort and diligence that is embedded in my equipment, I have even greater respect for it. There’s so much more behind those things that you typically take for granted. I’d definitely like to read more of such well worked off and informative articles. 🙂

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