Another eBay-Bargain: Large-Format Lens for $500.000


Just when I thought the new Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 (€4000) is ruthlessly overpriced, I stumble upon news on the following eBay auction. According to the seller, this Soviet large-format lens is a 3kg 400mm f/4.5 for surveillance aircrafts and spy satellites. Design-wise, it is said to be very similar to Zeiss lenses that were produced during World War II by order of the air force. This is what the monster-lens looks like:


Can this lens really be worth $488.000? The text formatting and the numerous typing and grammatical errors don’t exactly speak for this seller. Furthermore, he can neither tell who produced the lens nor is he able to give detailed information on the bayonet and the filter mount: „REAR FITTING SCREW about 82-84mm…FRONT FILTER SCREW 98mm-100mm about.“ What exposes him as internet-troll, however, is the fact that he offers the same lens elsewhere for $39.950. Could this price be realistic after all? Of course not, this lens is not made by Leica! 😉

You definitely need to read through the comments. A little foretaste of what to expect:

Question: Fascinating! How far up your ass do you keep your head?

Answer: FAR


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