Video-Tip: The Lion City – This is How to Properly Utilize the Tilt-Shift-Effect!


Anyone watching quick motion videos on Vimeo or YouTube is bound to have noticed the Tilt-Shift-Effect, and is probably even tired of it already. In my opinion, this effect is the “HDR” of videography. It is being used far too often and excessively, so that most people aren’t even able to perceive it anymore. That’s a pity, because just like any other effect, this one is also primarily used in the initial period because one is simply “able to use it”. Hardly anyone really contemplates where it’s best to use it, which is why the videography community is still a far cry from making sense of it. Fortunately, there are persons among all the film makers, who first think about the general aesthetics and statements before investing in effects and equipments. A good example illustrating this is Keith Loutit, whose video The Lion City hints at how much potential this effect has. 🙂

  1. […] the video „The Lion City“, in which the tilt-shift effect has been meaningfully deployed for a change, I wouldn’t have […]


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