New market data: it doesn’t look good!


Thanks to and we now have up to date market data and can finally continue with our discussions on the death of DSLRs, demise of compact cameras and downfall of many camera makers. 😉 By the looks of it 2013 was the worst year since 2003.


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Whereas Point-and-shoots sales have collapsed by half compared to 2012, demand for interchangeable lens cameras has decreased only slightly, and is now on a level similar to 2011.

It is also interesting that demand for DSLRs and MILCs seems to be increasing again after the lull between 9/2012 and 4/2013. As many DSLRs and MILCs were sold in October 2013 as in June or July 2012.



Another interesting point in this context is that MILCs account for only 18%, whereas DSLRs account for 82%, of interchangeable lens cameras sold. Very funny, considering all the “DSLRs are dead!” talk you read on forums.

Kamera-Markt-Daten-3 Kamera-Markt-Daten-4


Last but not least: US Americans seem to dislike MILCs just as much, as Asians (excluding Japan) dislike DSLRs. I would really like to know why. 🙂

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