Rocky Mountains Time Lapse Video


The USA, as one of the largest countries in the world, has a lot to offer in terms of breath-taking as well as inhospitable and terrifying natural landscapes. I bet every single one of you can name Yellowstone national park, Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. These are real magnets for visitors, which have burned themselves deeply into collective memory. One landscape which I find fascinating, and which has been given far less attention, is the mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in western North America. Although I wouldn’t like to live anywhere near the Rockies, I have a strong desire to one day go on a tree or four week vacation there and to fill all my SD cards with photos. So far my bank account was less than forthcoming. 😉

Some of you are surely asking yourselves, why Rockies of all places? That’s why:

Into the Fog by Richard Gottardo

Those of you who liked this video will most likely love other videos made by Richard Gottardo. In the following he was able to capture aurora borealis over the Rockies.

Simply breathtaking, isn’t it?

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