Website Recommendation: Photo Stealers the “Wall of Shame” for Photo Thieves


Usually, my blog is about photo news and rumors, talented photographers, interesting projects and techniques, as well as my own photos and equipment. The Photo Stealers Blog clearly doesn’t rank among my usual themes. And still, it could be interesting for all wishing to get informed on shady practices and photo theft on the web. Some download someone else’s pictures and publish them one-to-one as their own. Others edit stolen photos, so that the theft becomes more difficult to detect.


The good thing about the website is that Corey Balazowich, blog admin, performs a thorough research before going public in order not to ruin someone’s good reputation and career. She takes great pains to find the site the photos originated from, links both the original site as well as the thief’s site and makes screenshots. This way, the thief has no way of deleting stolen material afterwards. And many that she reported about tried that, all right. In just about all cases, Photo Stealers doesn’t expose small timers, but alleged pro photographers. Many impersonate wedding photographers or photo gurus, luring victims into workshops with the beautiful, stolen photos. Among the exposed copy right violators are even some well-known names, such as Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon.

It is alarming how wide-spread photo theft seems to be. And I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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