Cool Videos: Transferring Prints onto Wood and other Surfaces


I have to admit that this is brand new to me. While I knew that it is possible to detach the emulsion of instant film (Polaroid, Instax and Co) from its base and transfer it onto other surfaces, I was unaware of the fact that this can actually be done with as good as any print as long as it’s no inkjet printing. It is even more astounding how easy it’s done. The only thing you need is a print, a surface onto which you want to transfer the photo/picture and a little acrylic effect gel. At the end, you can use some coating or oil to make the layer more resistant and durable. When presenting this technique, however, every “vlogger” seems to have their very own preferences for this finishing touch. In the following you’ll find two videos illustrating the transfer onto wood:

Curious now and want to do some hands-on work yourself? There are countless videos on this technique on YouTube.

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