Tip: Lara Jo Regan’s ‘Dogs in Cars’


Who doesn’t know the feeling of going for a spin in good weather and letting down the windows to feel the airstream in your hair? It’s a fantastic feeling! Now, just as us humans, dogs seem to enjoy this feeling equally well. They’re doing diverse facial expressions while cruising, all of which make them appear quite photogenic. The tricky part is capturing these. US-American photographer Lara Jo Regan, known for her pictures of Mr. Winkle, spared no efforts to accomplish exactly this. And I have to admit, the photos are nothing to sneeze at. The dogs’ joy is writ large in their faces. 🙂


© Lara Jo Regan

dogsincars1dogsincars2 dogsincars4 dogsincars5 dogsincars7

© Lara Jo Regan

Another interesting photo series for dog lovers is Martin Usborne’sMUTE: the silence of dogs in cars“. Less playful and carefree, but enigmatic, yearning, and with a touch of “film noir” instead.

Martin-Usborne2 Martin-Usborne-9-600x400 Martin-Usborne-Hector-Dogs-in-Cars ne-pas-reutiliser-silence-of-dogs-in-cars_1127561 Prospero6 The Silence of Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne (16)

© Martin Usborne

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