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Have you heard of satire rags such as Der Postillon and Titanic? Yes? Well, if you’re looking for a magazine that takes photography news, trends and the biggest camera and lens manufacturers as seriously as the above two rags take politics and events of the day, then I have just the right thing for you. It is relatively new and called NewCameraNews. As long as you are in sufficient command of the English language, the funny, ironic and sarcastic articles will certainly make you chuckle. Three I can heartily recommend are „Investigative Report: Why Is Micro Four Thirds Doomed?“, in my opinion the best image quality comparison between mFT and full frame, „EXCLUSIVE: Pentax Q0-Smaller is Beautifuller“, the best hands-on for an imaginary mirrorless camera by Pentax, and „Rumor: Nikon Executive Overheard at CES“, the best rumor analysis I’ve ever read. The image below is taken from the last-mentioned article. 😉



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