New Photos with the 17-70 C


This time, it took me very long to shoot some presentable photos. Partly, this is because of hibernal sloth, but partly also because of the numerous Serbian holidays. Did you know that Serbia celebrates its New Year twice? That’s right! The “international New Year” as we all know it, and the “Serbian New Year” in the night from January 13th to 14th. In between, on the 6th and 7th, lies the Orthodox Christmas. Naturally, you can’t reject an invitation, that’s out of place. On the calories-loaded menu you’ll typically find Serbian bean soup, sarma and pork on a spit. It’s no surprise it took so long until I finally managed to get the few photos on my memory card. 😉


SDIM2827 SDIM2815 SDIM2801 SDIM2800 SDIM2798 SDIM2789 SDIM2787 SDIM2786 SDIM2779 SDIM2773 SDIM2768 SDIM2762 SDIM2758 SDIM2756 SDIM2746 SDIM2734 SDIM2730 SDIM2723 SDIM2717 SDIM2712 SDIM2704 SDIM2697 SDIM2694

You can find more of my photos taken with the 17-70 C on Flickr and Pinterest.

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