Tip: Elena Shumilovas Photos of her Kids and Four-Legged Friends


As a young mother, Elena Shumilova undeniably misses time to get intensely involved with photography. Two sons and a farm full of diverse four-legged animals claim a lot of time and attention, as you can probably imagine. As if it’s not remarkable enough to be distinctly talented and find time for great photos, Elena discovered her affection for photography only just 2 years (!) ago, according to Petapixel. In the comments, people question that it’s even possible to get so good in so little time. To be honest, I couldn’t care less. Even if it took me 20 years to get as good as Elena, I’d still be happy. The majority of photographers never reach this level of perfection and expressiveness. That she succeeds in minding two children and a farm day in, day out besides taking photos like a professional is a wicked achievement, the way I see it. Who cares how long she’s been taking pictures? I ‘ve been fiddling with photography for a perceived eternity now, and still fancy myself a greenhorn. 🙂


© Elena Shumilova





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© Elena Shumilova

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