Digitalizing 15 Slides per Minute with pimped up Slide-Projector


The following video could be of special interest to those having a huge collection of slides that need to be as quickly and easily digitalized as possible. If you already checked it out, you’ll probably know that it takes up to several minutes to digitize a slide with a film-/slide-scanner, depending on the quality. With the shown “botch job”, it can be done with 15fpm, if you release the shutter manually, it is even faster. 😉 All you need is a modified slide projector with electronic interval timer for automatized frame rate, a DSLR with a macro lens and an intervalometer, in case the camera doesn’t come with this feature. Of course, you need to be willing to mess around with the projector, as it won’t work out of the box, but you’ll be rewarded with unrivaled “scan speed”. Just watch the video. 🙂

Besides the speed, the RAW mode is a further advantage not to be sneezed at. If the digitized/photographed slides are saved as RAWs, you get even more leeway for post processing. This feature is usually only available with professional film scanners that are as expensive as a compact car.

A huge disadvantage of this and any other solution where slides/negatives are photographed with a camera, is the lack of dust and scratch removal (ICE) that almost all film scanners have. Should the slides have scratches or dust on them, you need to factor in that you will spend a lot more time for healing out scratches and dust particles in post processing than it takes to shoot or scan the photo.

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