Kiev before and after the recent unrest


For a while now, I have refrained from watching German TV stations, but I’m sure you have been shown plenty of Kiev-related images and videos already. Here in Serbia, the Ukrainian riots are reported permanently, one horror image after the other. And even though I try to consume as little news as possible, I don’t always succeed in zapping away, which is why clouds of smoke over Kiev and scenes of a barricaded and burning city, are indeed familiar to me. Already, I can predict that one of these pictures will win the next World Press Photo Award. Unfortunately, it won’t be the following “photoshopped” one, which I like so much due to its “anti-war-effect”.


The image is a montage by Reddit-user Nasdaf. It is a fusion of this photo by travel-monkey author Kongo, and this photo by Reuters photographer Olga Yakimovich.

In my view, it has more expressiveness than all of the blunt violent images you see on the news these days.

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