Light-Painting: Fad or Serious Art Form?


Besides time-lapse videos and HDR landscape photography, Light-Painting is a further photo method currently enjoying great popularity. This technique, where a subject is “painted” with light during bulb exposure, is by no means new, here NatGeo photographer Ken Geiger makes use of it to put Stonehenge in the limelight. You also notice how this method is lesser used as a stylistic device to make a subject appear more beautiful or uncommon, rather, the method is being used as the genuine subject amongst photographers. As so often, an effect alone cannot remain interesting in the long run, it is bound to get stale eventually. Or is it? I am amazed at the ability of the ingenuity of some photographers in this respect. Dennis Calvert is a representative of this movement, setting new standards in light-painting again and again.


© Dennis Calvert

lp2 lp5 lp6 lp8 lp11

© Dennis Calvert

I’m interested in how long he will be able to do that until he is fed up with “painting with light” and ready to direct his attention to other projects. 😉

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