Sigma News and Rumours: First Quattro Hands-On, 50mm Art Price and more


Only ten days have passed since the last Sigma news wave, and already there’s more. Some of it is a little unusual, such as this Online-Petition on, asking Sigma to produce an mFT system camera. If you ever wished for a Sigma DP with interchangeable lenses, you should definitely sign the petition. 😉 Though I don’t believe in companies being influenced by such actions, and don’t really need a further system besides my SD1M, I will sign it nevertheless. Who knows, maybe Sigma will be prompted to produce a mirrorless system camera. I currently don’t need it, but it is always good to have options.

A news announcement on Sigma-Rumors.comand the JapaneseErgami-Blogdeals with the release of a Sigma patent reporting a highly unusual account of a 28-85mm f/3.5-5.6 OS APS-C lens for mirrorless cameras („NEX/Alpha“). I am not sure how sensible a 42-127mm lens would be (full frame equivalent), so let’s take pot luck. Maybe there is some translation error and we’re actually dealing with a kit lens for the next Sigma SD?

sigma-28-85mm-mirrorless-patent sigma-28-85mm-performance

As promised, below you’ll find the first hands-on video by What Digital Camera. In it, you can see how to hold the unusually designed camera and, of course, the already noted changes (Quattro sensor, bigger battery, etc.) are investigated.

Save the best for last: the Belarusian online shop prices the eagerly awaited 50mm f/1.4 Art at $790! Thanks to all previous price quotes of diverse online shops, we can now narrow the price of the new lens down to between USD790 and AUD1499. 😛


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