Face Cartography: 900 Megapixel portraits


In former times, portrait photographers used „soft“ lenses or blotched Vaseline on the front element in order to let every wrinkle, skin blemishes of allegedly perfect beauties vanish. That was “Photoshop” the analogue way. Along comes Daniel Boschung with the idea of taking panos of human faces with a DSLR, a macro lens and an industrial robot. This approach, which was encountered by many photographers with incomprehension and head-shaking, is called “Face Cartography”. 😉


© Daniel Boschung

The effort needed to create detailed shots with over 900MP with this method is enormous. The robot, which is not particularly cheap, needs approximately half an hour to shoot the required 600 photos that are merged on the PC afterwards. The duration of the shots has the disadvantage that you can only shoot emotionless portraits, since muscle tremors (when smiling, for instance) would lead to serious problems in the merging part of the process. It’s like taking several pictures of a grassy landscape at heavy wind and trying to merge them. It doesn’t work without so-called stitching errors. For this reason and because I don’t quite grasp the sense of extremely detailed portraits (who wants to see every spot of a person in full resolution?), I would rather see macros or panos, which this construction would also be able to shoot.

Such high-resolution portraits, as a user on PetaPixel rightly remarked, could be achieved much cheaper and in a less time-consuming fashion with a 8*10“ large format camera. A further advantage of this method is the ability to capture emotions.

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