Alex MacLean, a Pilot and Master of Aerial View


With over forty years of experience as a photographer/pilot and a huge body of work encompassing thousands of excellent photos, Alex MacLean is one of the best-known and foremost aerial photographers.Searching with Google’s image search for “aerial photography”, his photos are shown besides genre greats such as Edward Burtynsky, George Steinmetz and Bernhard Edmaier. While the latter two focus on the beauty of nature and its diverse patterns, MacLean’s photos, similar to Burtynsky’s, tell us more about ourselves than the actual landscape, but at the same time they are considerably easier to digest than Edward’s partly highly disturbing illustration of man-made environmental destruction. Here’s a little taster:


© Alex MacLean

DavidGeffin_Alexmaclean_Aerialphotography_2 DavidGeffin_Alexmaclean_Aerialphotography_3 DavidGeffin_Alexmaclean_Aerialphotography_4 DavidGeffin_Alexmaclean_Aerialphotography_5 DavidGeffin_Alexmaclean_Aerialphotography_6 DavidGeffin_Alexmaclean_Aerialphotography_7

© Alex MacLean

In the following video, MacLean states the motivation for his photobook “Over” and exposes his standpoint on climate change.

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