Tip: Fred Levy’s ‘Black Dogs Project’


Did you know that black colored dogs get adopted less often than dogs with brighter colored furs? This stems from the assumption that black colored dogs supposedly have a more headstrong, aggressive and dangerous temper. Apparently, this is such a widespread prejudice that it has earned its own expression: It’s called “black dog syndrome”, also known as “black dog bias”.

Stemming from this fact, many animal shelters have a hard time finding new homes for dogs of dark colored fur. At least that’s what carriers of animal shelters and their employees proclaim. Some preliminary scientific studies, though, have come to a different result so far.

Call it a myth if you like, but actually it’s a fact that a visit to the animal shelter does not result in a “happy end” for any kind of dog. Fred Levy, an American photographer, wants to help spare dogs with black furs from this sort of destiny. Black dogs are often portrayed in the media as the stereotypical, aggressive watchdog. Fred Levy instead tries to positively promote these beautiful creatures in his photo campaign “Black Dogs Project”.

© Fred Levy

BlackDogProject_003 BlackDogProject_005 BlackDogProject_010 BlackDogProject_011

© Fred Levy

As I look at these pictures, I absolutely cannot relate to why people should prefer brighter colors of fur when adopting a dog.

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