Tip: Nadia Aly’s photos of taking a swim in the jellyfish lake


Jellyfish have tiny little stinging cells which, in contact with skin, release tiny little threads that puncture the skin and inject a venomous liquid into it. Some species, as for example the box jellyfish, are some of the most venomous creatures on our planet. Even a short encounter with them can be fatal. But, the jellyfish from the jellyfish lake, a marine lake in Palau, are anything else but common. Being cut-off from the outside world for many thousand years, they never had any natural predators and therefore are hardly venomous at all. They simply don’t need to defend themselves. They have a tiny bit of poison in them, but at a dosage not harmful to human beings. What they still share with common jellyfish is their beauty. For Nadia Aly, an American photographer and scuba diver, they were worth a visit to Palau. See here a few photos from her swim with the jellyfish.

TS590x442 (1)

© Nadia Aly

TS590x442 (2) TS590x442 (3) TS590x442 (4) TS590x442

© Nadia Aly

Whoever thinks these soft little creatures are fascinating and is planning the next vacation at the moment should definitely watch the following clip. 😉

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