My God, first the ‘selfie’, now the ‘shelfie’!


*click* I’m watching TV *click* I’m at the supermarket *click* now I’m on vacation, sightseeing *click* I’m eating cake *click* I’m drinking coffee… I get why people take “selfies” – the reason is, without a doubt, the pinch of narcissism and the need for attention that every one of us has, but I’m really sick of this mass phenomenon. There are so many more sensible things to do with a camera, why do people choose to take pictures of themselves? And the new “shelfie” trend, which is all about immortalizing objects arranged on a table or shelf, will make sure that we will see many more photos that scream “look at me, I’m so great!”.

What happened to those creative people who invented planking, hadoukening and vadering and cat beard and baby mugging? Are they, too, taking only “selfies” and “shelfies” now?

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to see another selfie, or shelfie?

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