Technical Milestones in Photography


On August 19th 2014, photography celebrates its 175th birthday. In preparation for this anniversary, the photo industry associationprovided an image database illustrating the biggest technical milestones in the history of photography. The database raises no claim to completeness, but with 15 entries per page on altogether 40 pages, every bigger technical breakthrough should be included. What remains problematic is the date that the photo industry associationstates as birth of photography. The first photo ever was notoriously taken in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. As this photograph was nowhere to be found for 50 years after an exhibition in London, however, Niépce’s partner, Louis Daguerre with his photograph taken in 1839, was long considered the inventor of photography.


Image source: Screenshot of the website

If you want to get a quick overview, here is a very good list (in German), but unfortunately only up until 2003.


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