Sigma News & Rumors: DP Quattro RRP, availability and Lenses for Fuji X


Shortly after the 50mm f/1.4 Art had been introduced by Sigma, it was discussed and tested heavily on review sites (here I posted an overview of the currently available reviews, sample pics and videos). Then, the gossiping seemed to normalize again. The past couple of weeks Sigma-related news mostly focused on firmware/software updates and the availability of the newer lenses for Sony and Pentax cameras.

It stayed quite calm until the Belgian shop „PCH“ posted a comment on its Facebook page about a possible recommended retail price for the dp2Q. According to the post, which was deleted again shortly after it had been posted, the Quattro will be available from mid-June for less than €1.000. If this rumor – and rumors are always to be handled with care – becomes reality, the Quattro’s will be at least €100 cheaper than the Merrill’s were at market launch.

Anyhow, we will have to wait for the first sample pics and comparisons with the Merrill’s to be able to tell if the Quattro’s bring more inventions and improvements that justify a price difference of €600.

Fuji-Rumors issued a statement that Sigma might plan to present a first selection of lenses for the Fuji-X mount. It’s unclear though if these lenses will be remodeled versions of the already available 19/2.8, 30/2.8 and 60/2.8 lenses, or if they will be completely new lenses. Fuji-Rumors is speculating that the newer DSLR lenses (like the new 50/1.4 Art) will be fitted with the Fuji-X mount but I personally think this will not be the case.

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