Andy Lee’s ‘Blue Iceland’: Infrared Photos of the Beautiful Island Nation


According to himself, Andy Lee is “father of two wonderful girls, Creative Director, film maker, obsessive photographer, painter and manic doodler”. He photographs with 5×4”, medium format cameras, digital and infrared. It is the latter medium which according to him is practically made for Iceland and which has recently brought him much online fame. And I think that fame is well-deserved, because his choice of medium allows him to show us Iceland in a way that makes the much-photographed island nation seem unfamiliar, mysterious and refreshingly new. If the IR effect was all that makes Lee’s photos special, however, it would be easy to replicate the particular character of his images with a 720nm IR filter. To me, what makes his images unique is his focus on the essential and his minimalist composition coupled with the strengths of IR photography.


© Andy Lee

Andy-Lee-blue-iceland2 Andy-Lee-blue-iceland3 Andy-Lee-blue-iceland4 Andy-Lee-blue-iceland5 Andy-Lee-blue-iceland6 Andy-Lee-blue-iceland7 Andy-Lee-blue-iceland8

 © Andy Lee

You can view more of his photos on his webseite and 500px profile.

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