Sigma News & Rumors: first DP2 Quattro Samples, official statement on Price and Availability


Finally there is certainty: the first DP2 Quattro samples were released at last. In the dpQ sample image gallery on Sigma’s Global Vision webpage there are now three full resolution photos of two South African Crowned Cranes. What becomes immediately apparent is that the images were taken at f/13 and by all appearance lighten up quite a bit. The aperture value is problematic, considering that APS-C-sized sensors with so many megapixels suffer from diffraction effects even at f/11. Since it looks like the birds were photographed in a studio environment, the sweet spot aperture value of f/5.6 should have been used instead. The reason why I’m assuming that the photos were lighten up considerably are the magenta blotches, which aren’t this visible even on the Merrills when shooting similar subjects, under similar lighting conditions and at lowest ISO. And if I’m not mistaken the key reason for the new sensor design was better noise performance.

At this point I’m assuming that this is another case of bad manufacturer image samples and that the Quattros are going to perform much better in the right hands. According to Sigma Rumors noise performance should be better by 1 to 2 stops, which seems unlikely looking at the samples. The sensor is either capable of much better results and someone who is unfamiliar with Sigma’s cameras and SPP took and processed those samples or there are no improvements to be had with the new sensor. Luckily the camera is expected to be available at the end of June and in August in Japan and US respectively. We won’t have to wait that long for proper samples. 😉

According to Sigma Germany RRP is €999. When the camera will be available in this part of the world is yet unknown.

  1. hehe, they hired a photographer from the competence… (I refer for the selected settings, not the composition)


    1. hehe, they hired a photographer from the competence… (I refer for the selected settings, not the composition)

      Sure looks like it. :-/


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