OK Go Band released a music clip full of optical illusions


Admittedly music clips are not about photography, but the funky video the OK Go band has released yesterday has appealed predominantly to the photographer in me – I don’t like this kind of music. The video was shot in one four-minute long take, which makes the optical illusions shown even more impressive. According to Petapixel.com three weeks of rehearsals and fifty tries were needed to record the video in one take. The best part about it, at least for us photographers, is that the camera is slowly being moved until it’s at a point in space at which a specific optical illusion works best. A few frames before or after or a few centimeters right, left, up or down and the illusion collapses like a house of cards. We get to see with our own eyes just how important perspective and composition are, especially if one has a specific effect in mind.

Those who liked the video should also watch the music clip for the song „This Too Shall Pass“ embedded below, which features a Rube Goldberg machine.

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