Sigma News & Rumors: first DP2Q RAWs/X3Fs, comparisons with the Merrill, additional samples and more


Less than a week since the last post about the DP2 Quattro and already the first RAWs/X3Fs, comparisons with the Merrill and additional JPG samples have been published. You can download the X3Fs on the Japanese blog (red links), on and on the Blog of one of the Fotogenerell regular readers (Jean Pierre). There is already a DP2Q group on Flickr with almost 100 photos. A Flickr user Aztore has upload many sample images, while „Charlie Brown“, another Flickr user, has uploaded two comparison images of the DP2Q (link) and the DP2M (link). You can find more comparison images of the Q and the M throughout the entire aperture range (from f/2.8 to f/11) over on Furthermore Sigma has released an update to SPP 6, the Version 6.0.1, which is supposedly just as buggy as the 6th version. I, however, can neither confirm nor deny that, since SPP 6 is running reasonably well on my Windows 7 PC and I haven’t installed 6.0.1 yet.


Moreover two Japanese DP2Q owners have uploaded an unboxing video and a write speed comparison video of the DP2Q and the DP3M on YouTube:

If I’m interpreting the video correctly, the Quattro writes the X3F down to the card in 6 seconds, while the Merrill needs 13 seconds to accomplish the same task.

I would like to conclude this post by saying that I haven’t had the time to experiment with all of the X3Fs in SPP 6. What I’ve noticed, though, is that files from the Quattro seem similarly sharp to the Merrill files (maybe a little less “micro contrast”), but with a third more resolution. I’m going to be checking out those Quattro X3Fs more thoroughly in the upcoming days. 😉

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