Crazy: Criminal offered $30,000 modeling contract


Do you remember the „devilishly attractive“ and by now widely known criminal Jeremy Meeks I covered here? When his mug shot circulated all over the internet two weeks ago, some jesters came up with the idea of photoshopping a Calvin Klein ad from it. This and other montages made decision-makers in at least one modeling agency (Blaze Models in Los Angeles) realize Meeks’ potential. According to latest news, the U.S. American criminal is being represented by Gina Rodriguez of GR Media, who also takes care of other internet celebrities such as Patricia Krentcil (also known as Tan Mom). Meeks is said to have already signed the modeling contract with Blaze Models in the amount of $30.000.



Netizens are divided over the meaning of this news. On the one hand, the modeling contract is seen as a second chance for Meeks to become a productive member of society after having served his sentence. On the other hand, this contract and the stately sum of money is considered a wrong signal for society, promoting that what you did and what kind of person you are is a minor fact, as long as you are attractive.

  1. once again society opinions is ****. we say we want criminal to function in society and be a good citizens. so when one gets a chance of a life time its wrong. maybe he learn now he can earn money in a correct way and using possibly potential talent to do it. he may not make as a model. so lets give him a chance. i saw on tv show about a chef who had criminal past and now he top executive chef in the country. so he shouldn’t cook. well don’t eat. he is good looking and has strong features to use as model if you know anything about the model world.


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