Tip: Arthur Tress’ Surrealist Photos of Nightmares


Arthur Tress, born in November 1940, was only in his twenties when he discovered his fascination for nightmares, especially the ones children have. He got the idea of photographically dealing with this topic when he attended a lesson in The Touchstone Center, founded by Richard Lewis, who he collaborated with during that time. In this lesson, children were asked to write essays about and sketch pictures of their dreams. The interesting bit about Tress’ project is a certain similarity to bugbears and horror movie scenes. Considering the fact that he brought his project into being at the end of the 60ies, it becomes clear where some film makers got their ideas from. 😉


© Arthur Tress

Arthur_Tress_02 Arthur_Tress_03 Arthur_Tress_05 Arthur_Tress_08 Arthur_Tress_10 Arthur_Tress_13

© Arthur Tress

The child in hockey gear reminds me of a young version of Jason Voorhees. The picture must have been taken ten years before Jason’s debut in the first “Friday the 13th” film. 🙂 If you liked these photos, you should visit Tress’ website and have a look at the rest of his pictures. But be warned, some of his pictures are not G-rated.

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