Funny: DigitalRev’s ’10 Things that Annoy Photo Enthusiasts’ Video


I’m sure you’re familiar with this – your friend enthusiastically views your best photos and says “your camera shoots amazing pictures”. Or have you ever been asked to specify your DSLR’s megapixels, just to be braggingly told that some smart phones have more? Ever been asked the question “How can I zoom with that?” after letting some newbie grope your DSLR with a prime lens? If the answer is yes, you should watch the latest video by the Digital Rev team presenting the ten most annoying questions posed by photo-illiterates and the most embarrassing situations resulting from this interaction.

Personally, I liked #6, especially the unpleasant childbirth scene, best. 🙂 I, or rather my camera, have also been invited to parties, but not to record scenes like that. Who knows, life can be crazy, maybe it will happen to me/my camera one day. 😉


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