The Selfie-Toaster…


Can you remember the Virgin Mary toast that was auctioned off for a silly $28.000 on eBay in 2004? Well, this is what I thought of when I read the news about the selfie toaster today. I find it amazing what ideas some people come up with when they get scent of earning money, and that it’s apparently no problem to find potential buyers willing to spend vast sums of money on trivial things. At a price of $75, the selfie toaster is not anywhere near as expensive as the “virgin Mary toast”, but it’s still an expensive spree. At least you can simultaneously toast two slices of bread with your selfie on them. 😛 selfie-toaster

© Galen Dively

The picture on the custom-made toaster is that of Mashable editor Lance Ulanoff, who published his review on the toaster and the production process here. If you are really interested, you need to get in touch with Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp., the manufacturer of the selfie toaster, and upload a portrait picture in JPG format.

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