Sigma DP2Q Link Collection: Reviews, Comparisons, Sample Images, Videos and more


Hopefully I will get my hands on my own DP2 Quattro soon, for that I can provide you guys with some pictures comparing the Merrill. Inbetween this summary of relevant links must do the job. There are many more interesting threads to be found on DPReview, but I had to draw the line somewhere. 🙂


Reviews and Comparisons

“…So once again, it’s a case of image quality to the rescue for the DP2 Quattro – the 3-layer Foveon technology really does deliver a different look to cameras with Bayer sensors, a look that we like a lot. Only you can decide if this is enough to persuade you to splash out quite a lot of cash for an undeniably quirky, pared-back camera with a fixed focal-length lens that is really only suited to a slower, more considered approach. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you won’t be disappointed by the breath-taking images that the Sigma DP2 Quattro is capable of…”

“The Sigma dp2 Quattro is not a versatile camera. It has a non-removable unifocal lens, ridiculously low battery life, it moves at a snail’s pace and it doesn’t shoot video. The dp2 Quattro is not a camera for geeks, either: it doesn’t have a touchscreen, Wi-Fi, NFC or a full-frame sensor. In fact, the dp2 Quattro piles imperfection on top of imperfection. But it has two qualities that make you forget the rest: breath-taking picture quality and tons of character, which few modern compacts can claim. For these two reasons alone, the dp2 Quattro deserves each of its four stars.”

“…Without doubt, the Sigma dp2 Quattro delivers some of the most detailed, crisp and sharp photos available, with excellent colour reproduction, and like previous Foveon cameras, stunning pixel level detail, great if you want to enlarge pictures, or view at 100%. There are however some drawbacks, which are now expected with Foveon sensor cameras, namely that as soon as you increase the ISO speed to ISO400 or above, then you will begin to see a lot of noise in images, and as a result we would recommend that you not use any ISO setting higher than ISO400. If you love the look of the images from the Sigma dp2 Quattro, then the price of the camera is quite reasonable, similar in price to many other large sensor prime lens cameras when they were first released. For those that have previous versions of the camera, the image quality improvements would make the new Quattro camera well worth investing in.”

DP2 Quattro vs. Sony Alpha 7R vs. Leica S at Les Numeriques (French)

DP2Q vs. DP2M DPR Forum

One further Q vs. M Thread DPR Forum

“…The sharpness of the DP2 Quattro is out of this world when compared to other high end compact cameras. Although the design does attracts more attention than it deserves, the DP2 is a new breed, a new look is definitely legit. And when compared to the previous versions of DP Series cameras, the new DP2 Quattro is much faster now – from starting up, to focusing, to recording well, at least this is something that makes the DP2 Quattro worth getting.”

“…So in conclusion, it is capable of amazing images if used with care and some tolerance of quirks. In other words a nice camera that will have an appeal for those who can appreciate a niche camera. If you are looking for a snappy point and shoot to chase the cat around the house, this is not the camera for you. If you are looking for a camera that will challenge you to get the best images you can get, then you have room in your bag of tools for this camera.”

DP2Q vs. D800E at

DP2Q vs. DP2M vs. RX1 at

Q vs. M at

User Reviews

Review by Arne Marco DPR Forum

Review by the bman DPR Forum

DP2Q High ISO DPR Forum

DP2Q Blog Articles by Jean Pierre (French)

Review by BobNL DPR Forum

3D Pop: Q vs M DPR Forum

Color Resolution Q vs. M vs. A7r DPR Forum

RAWs (+ comparison with the 5D MkIII)

DP2Q and DP3M X3Fs by Meuh DPR Forum


Official Samples at Sigma-Japan

User Gallery at Sigma-USA

Samples by Sang Merrill on Flickr

Q vs M comparison samples und aperture series (f/2.8-11) at

DP2Q Group on Flickr

Aztore on Flickr

Bob van Ooik on Flickr

Kushtulk on Flickr


DP2Q Learning Video by Sigma

Video Review by Jonathan Stewart

Write Speed: Quattro vs Merrill

Unboxing at ValueTechTV

Unboxing by leletgx

Japanese Unboxing

„Die wohl schärfste Kompaktkamera im Test“ auf ValueTechTV(German)

Hands-On on


Interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki about the DP2Q on

Quattro Sensor Design

  1. […] of image quality – like for example Bokeh. You can gather the remaining info by reading DP1Q and DP2Q […]


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